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Ethical Standards

Ethical Standards

    We respect the dignity and diversity of individuals
    • We respect the basic human rights of everyone
    • We do not, under any circumstances, permit forced labor, wage exploitation or child labor
    • We do not discriminate against any stakeholders, including customers and employees, on the basis of nationality, race, gender, religion, etc
    We compete fairly complying with laws and business ethics
    • We comply with the laws of the countries and communities in which we conduct business and we respect business competition standards and practices.
    • We do not take any profits from unethical business practices.
    • We do not permit the exchange of gifts, entertainment or any other form of bribery as an inducement to engage in unfair business practices.
    We maintain accounting transparency by keeping accurate records.
    • We accurately record and maintain all business transactions to provide objective information on business activities for all stakeholders.
    • We abide by accounting rules of relevant countries and internationally accepted accounting standards.
    • We disclose material business matters such as major financial changes, and corporate information as prescribed by law.
    We do not intervene in politics and we maintain a neutral stance on all political issues
    • We respect the political rights and opinions of the individual. However, political activity should be kept outside of the workplace
    • We do not use company resources for political purposes.
    • We do not provide illegal political donation.

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