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Social Contribution by Samsung

Social contributions are conducted in 5 areas of [Social Welfare], [Culture and Arts], [Academy and Education], [Environment Preservation], [Volunteer Service] under the basic principle of ‘Create society where everyone is in harmony by actively performing the role of a business entity based on humanity, moral.

  • Symbol of Social Contribution Star + Colors according to5 area
    The meaning of colors and shape represents the scene of communal traditional folk game of Ganggang Sulrae (Korean Circle Dance) where people dance hand-in-hand in circle is depicted as a shining star.  The overall shape of the star is placed diagonally to emphasize dynamic movements and symbolizes the will for social contribution by future-oriented Samsung. The 5 colors represent 5 types of social contributions as in Social Welfare · Environment Preservation · Culture · Arts · Education · Volunteer Service.
  • Social Contribution Slogan Light of love
    star of sharing
    The will of social contribution by Samsung helping and caring the members of society as a business entity is symbolically expressed by linking with the star, a symbol.
  • Social contribution Samsung Venture
    Samsung Venture Investment will try our best to fulfill our social obligations as a business entity.
    • We sincerely perform basic duties to comply as a business entity.
    • We respect local socialㆍcultural characteristics and practice concessions.
    • We establish the relationship of coexistence and co-prosperity with our business partners.

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